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Patrick's Favorite Music!


1. Handel's "Zadok. the Priest"-a piece that in-

spires the warmest memories of his days as a young

choirboy in Yorkshire.

2. The incidental music from On the

Leonard Bernstein--for the list had to include

some film music, and no other film has made such

an impact on him.

3. "The Revenger's Tragedy" from Coronation Pro-

cession, music by Guy Woolfenden--a play rehearsed

during his first year with the Royal Shakespeare

Company, by then-assistant director and close

friend Trevor Nunn.

4. Ella Fitzeerald's rendition of "Every Time We

Say Good-Bye"-for he would have to have some Cole

Porter on this island, because of his admiration

of Ella Fitzgerald, and to remind him of all the

time he has had to spend away from his family.

(This album was first given to him by his wife in

the early 1970s and Stewart was still married at

the time of the interview.)

Every Time.AU (Large File 1.3 MB)

5. Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, music by

Andre Previn, from the play by Tom Stoppard.

Stewart referred to this as "the musical highlight

of my career." Little did he know that, a few

short years after this radio interview, he would

be reprising his role as the doctor and directing

his fellow Enterprise crewmates in a revival.

6. "Hold Tight," by Fats Waller--because it always

makes his daughter smile. (Thanks Rachel!)

7. Mozart's "Clarinet Quintet"--which he takes

wherever he is, for he considers it something of a


8. Randy Newman's "Rollin." He's a great fan of

all Newman's work, and appreciates "the layers and

layers of complexity that lie below what is a

superficial surface to many of his songs."

9. Benjamin Britten's "Serenade for Tenor Horn and

Strings"--which is, for Stewart, "the most

powerful evocation of England."

10. Steven Sondheim's "Sweeny Todd"--because

there would have to be some opera, and because of

the brilliance of Sondheim. "I have a feeling that

when the second half of this century is added up,

the role of Sweeney Todd will prove to be one of

the great dramatic roles of all time."

Bella, Patrick's cat
Playing Tetris
Steam Railroad Engines
Drinking Tea Hot
Collecting WWI Posters
Amnasty International
Cheers Tv Show
Jaguar XJS
Collecting Masks
Reba Mc Entire
Royal Shakespear Company
Reading Shakespeare the Complete Works
Riding Roller Coasters
Bevis and Butthead

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